Medicheck Ortho – Sector 46 Faridabad

Medicheck Ortho represents a new concept in hospital care, focusing on advanced super specialty orthopedic treatments. The hospital specializes in innovative approaches to joint replacement and arthroscopic surgeries. Led by the highly acclaimed joint replacement surgeon, Dr. Sunil Raina, the surgical team is dedicated to delivering top-quality healthcare for joint and bone disorders. The hospital also excels in reconstructive, corrective, deformity, and plastic surgeries. In addition to orthopedic surgeons, the esteemed team of doctors at the hospital includes Dr. O P Sharan and Dr. Sumit Verma, who oversee the Department of Medicine and manage the hospital’s ICU.

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Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the hospital features a comprehensive ICU furnished with advanced instruments and machines such as turbine ventilators, BiPAP, CPAP, Dialysis, and 3D ECHO. The hospital also houses a cutting-edge Physiotherapy Department, boasting equipment like the Zimmer Laser equipment and Zimmer Ultra sound device. Under the guidance of Dr. Arshad Hussain, the leader of the physiotherapy team, the department strives to ensure utmost patient satisfaction.

While the hospital’s distinguished doctors are its main strength, no compromise has been made in the design and ambiance of the facility, adhering to international standards. The modular operation theater is equipped with high-definition Stryker cameras, state-of-the-art arthroscopic instruments, C-Arm, and LED lights. Medicheck Ortho is dedicated to providing the best in advanced orthopedic care, offering patients a holistic and superior healthcare experience.

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